The story of a revert Sister


In the name of Allah The most gracious The most merciful

My Path to Islam I converted to Islam in 2010 during Ramadan. I spent time searching for the right religion, and I found peace and real people in the Muslim community. I also had a lot of people who were against me because I became a Muslim, but I just turned my ear and talked to my Muslim brothers and sisters about it. Now I am a very happy Muslim woman,and obey all the rules of Islam which made me a better person. I didn’t consult my family because I knew what their reaction would be like.

How I Did It: It started by asking my Muslim friends about Islam and they told me every thing I needed to know. A friend brought me the Holy Quran to read and be sure of my decision. But at that time I already knew that I would convert to Islam because I made up my mind a long time ago. The only problem I had was to consult with my bosses about wearing Muslim clothing and the veil. At first they were very surprised but in the long term they got used to it. Now it is fine; they have accepted me and my decisions. I am a legal adviser and the people at the courts were surprised by the choice that I have made. Everybody has the right in life to do what they want, and I have never been sorry about my choice.

AdviceĀ Don’t listen to what the media is blurting out. Listen to your heart and what you believe in.
Reaction From Non-Muslim Friends and Family Members “You are are a Taliban!”
Changes I Had to Make in My Life Dressing as a proper Muslim woman.
Holidays They are fine with me.
Finding a Mosque or Muslim Community I am near one, and go every Friday to pray.

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