Story of a revert to Islam


In the name of Allah The most gracious The most merciful

“In the summer before 9/11, when I was learning about Islam, I attended a tafsir class on Sunday mornings on the Saint Louis University campus. I was the youngest person there by probably two decades. I attended for an entire summer, in which none of the aunties or uncles ever pressured me to convert, or commented on what I am sure were some rather poor clothing choices. What comes to me again and again from my time there is the following: One afternoon, we were studying the ayat in (Surah Mariam, verse [19:25]) where Allaah advises her to ease her labor pains by eating of the date tree near where she is sitting. One of the uncles read a poem inspired by that verse. In the poem Mariam(a) (may Allaah be pleased with her) asks Allaah, “Do I have to shake the tree to get the dates?” and He (subhanahu wa ta’ala) tells her Yes!

The uncle said that this is a metaphor for faith, that real faith is something that you have to work at. You have to shake the tree to taste the fruits of faith, it doesn’t always fall easily from the tree. It’s not always been an easy journey to be a white convert, to go from an accepted majority to an oft maligned minority, in post 9/11 America. But I come back to this sentiment again and again.

In times of difficulty, I remind myself, that you have to shake the tree.Shannon, you have to shake the tree. The fruit eventually falls.” Subhan’Allaah!

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