Shaytaan tricks


In the name of Allah The most merciful The most gracious

Shaytaan tricks, tempts and seduces us to sin. He whispers to us and says it’s not a big deal and when we finally succumb he gives us the biggest guilt trip in the world. He tries to convince us that Allah will never forgive us, so why even ask? When even pray or fast? His whispers consume us with guilt but there is good news smile emoticon There is a secret weapon against Shaytaan so never ever forget this Hadith…The Prophet (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam) said, “Indeed Shaytan said, ‘My Lord, by Your Honor and Might! I will not stop misleading Your slaves as long as their souls remain in their bodies’. So Allah responded, ‘By My Honor, Might and Majesty, I will not stop forgiving them as long as they seek My forgiveness.’” 

Source : HadithOfTheDay

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