Prohibition on Liquor


‘Abd al-Aziz b. Suhaib reported:

They (some persons) asked Anas b. Malik, about Fadikh (that is, a wine prepared from fresh dates), whereupon he said: There was no liquor with us except this Fadikih of yours. It was only this Fadikh that I had been serving to Abu Talha and Abu Ayyub and some persons from amongst the Companions of the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) in our house. When a person came and said: Has the news reached you? We said, No. He said: Verily liquor has been declared forbidden. Thereupon, Abd Talha said: Anas, spill these large pitchers. He (the narrator) said: They then never reverted to it, nor even asked about this after the announcement by that person.
Source : Hadith
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