My Path to Islam-A christian Jew revert story


My Path to Islam

I had grown up with many Muslims over the years. I wasn’t happy being a Christian Jew. I was undecided on my religious path. In Year 8, when we were studying Islam, I felt I had found the one true faith, even though I, as a Christian Jew, knew Islam, Judaism and Christianity shared the same God. God, HaShem and Allah are one of the same. I researched it over the years and finally I decided to take the plunge when I was 16.

How I Did It:

I went to the local Mosque, where I knew many friends from school, and I made an appointment to convert to Islam. I said the Shahadah, with a pure heart in front of witnesses. I chose a new name: Imana. I was no longer Madeleine. I was quite sad about changing my identity. But outside the Mosque community I am still Madeleine.


  • Be sure you want to become a Muslim.
  • Research about Islam and what it means to be Muslim.
  • Be happy about your decision.
  • Tell family and friends.

Reaction From Non-Muslim Friends and Family Members

My Jewish mother asked me, “Aren’t you happy being a Catholic Jew?”

Changes I Had to Make in My Life

I didn’t eat pork because of my Jewish heritage, Halal and Haram.


I recently went on Hajj. The two Ids are joyous family holidays.

Finding a Mosque or Muslim Community

I grew up around Muslims; it is easy finding a Mosque near you.

Huda, Islam, says:

I understand that the name Madeleine means, “woman of Magdala,” a village on the shores of the Sea of Galilee in Palestine. In Aramaic, Magdala means “elevated tower” or “magnificent.” Thus I do not believe it was necessary to change your name, as it has a nice meaning. Even if you do choose to change your name, it does not change your identity. Remember that Allah guided you to Islam and blessed you, accepting who you are.

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