Message to the Believers-9


يا ايها الذين امنوا انفقوا من طيبات ما كسبتم ومما اخرخنا لكم من الارض و لا تيمموا الخبيث منه تنفقون و لستم بأخذيه الا ان تغمضوا فيه واعلموا أن الله غني حميد

O you who have believed, spend from the good things which you have earned and from that which we have produced for you from the earth. And do not aim towards the defective therefrom, spending [from that] while you would not take it [yourself] except with closed eyes. And know that Allah is free of need and Praiseworthy.

Surah Al Baqarah(2:26)

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