Journey from Christianity to Islam


In the name of Allah The most gracious The most merciful

This is the story of a our Muslim sister who reverted to Islam from Christianity.

My Path to Islam

I grew up in low class European family, parents are drinking, drugs and alcohol in school, boyfriends, parties and all what comes with it. I was always kind of spiritual and I was always thinking about the big questions of life, like why we are here, what we should do, why we feel such and such. I was always between people I was never alone but I was always lonely and this loneliness lead me to do many haram things. When I left my country and I went to UK I saw Muslims and I was like “I wish I could believe like them I would be the happiest”… but I couldn’t at the time…

How I Did It:

I was working with a Muslim lady and she encouraged me to accept Islam. I wasn’t taking it seriously and I thought – it’s just like this I’m Muslim now – but to be honest I used to still do all the haram stuff. And even worse things happened to me because of my stubborn mind and my social situation. I didn’t have friends I can look up because of his or her imaan but something was different… I started to feel guilty and ashamed and this feeling was new for me. Then years passed with this guilty feeling getting stronger and stronger on me then I started to talk with a friend of mine and he said I am not Muslim cuz I do such and such and I don’t pray and so on. He advised me patiently to start to practice. So I started to change my mind and my life, I started to read and think and understand and it was a whole new scale of consciousness about the world and seeing myself in it and the most important …. I learned MORALS!!! Morals I never ever had. I never had bad intentions towards people but I wasn’t respecting myself and my body and to realize all the things I have done with my new way of thinking … it was shocking. So I started to pray and I asked Allah (SWT) crying in sujood to make me believe, to make me feel, to make me see and to make me be patient. and alhamdoulillah I can see now and feel and believe. May Allah(SWT) make all of us be good, pure and humble. Ameen


  • It is not always easy to change lifestyle from what you are used to, especially if you are in between people who don’t wanna be better… Never give up and never be too ashamed to ask forgiveness from Allah (SWT), remember He is Ar-Rahim, Al-Ghaffar. Understand this life is a test and nothing more. There is no secret and no doubt in how we should live in this dunya. Allah(SWT) loves us more than our own mother soubhanAllah and when you realize this you will care about nothing else but to please Him. We weren’t born to be angels, and Allah(SWT) knows everything that is in our heart. Be patient with yourself and with others.

Reaction From Non-Muslim Friends and Family Members

Alhamdoulillah my family and real friends accepted me as a Muslim.

Changes I Had to Make in My Life

I needed to change all the “settings” in my mind and heart.

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