Helping Nepal

Assalamu Alaikum,


As all of you are aware of the Nepal earthquake disaster, we intend to reach out to all of you with proper resources to help the victims. Here is a way to help them.  Thanks to Hatemalo Thailand for great work.
1. There are plenty of NGOs working on raising funds to help the victims.


2. You can also directly deposit the funds to Nepal, the details of bank are;
Bank Name: Everest Bank,
Address: Naya Baneshwor,
Account Name: Prime Minister Disaster Relief Fund.
The Account number is 00100105200270


3. If you are not comfortable donating via website, you may choose to give your donations to the volunteers. Ultimately they plan on sending the total donated sum to the same account above or given to the Nepalese Embassy in Qatar. You will be ensured transparancy and be given reciept of the funds transfered.


4. You may contact the volunteer at +974-70376051




1) Please refer this link for contacts in Nepal


2) NGOs on the Ground in Nepal


Source : NGO


Request for assistance from The Embassy of Nepal
Request for assistance from The Embassy of Nepal
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