Beautiful story of a 78 Year old man


In the name of Allah The most gracious The most merciful

This is the story of a 78 year old man. How he reverted to Islam. Its a wonderful story.

My Path to Islam

I am 78 years old now and I have converted to islam and become a Muslim after a process which was very difficult for me to understand.

How I Did It:

I have a son who converted to Islam some six years ago. My relation to him changed immediately after he embraced Islam. He became my enemy and a strange fellow to my entire extended family. I am married to five women and have thirty nine children. Recently I went for treatment in a town where my three sons work and unfortunately I did not inform the Muslim son about my visit. Being in the same town he came very early in the morning to see me. He took most of his time with me and finally he inquired about my health and what I was planning to do. I told him about my mission and he was happy and he advised me to look for better treatment for Allah says all illness or diseases have got medication except death and old age. This was a big challenge to me as compared to my beliefs. As time goes I tried very much to keep him away from my affairs but he had that kindness of heart, which is unstoppable. Finally when I was admitted in the hospital he was there with me throughout, when the bill came he was there to assist in full payment. After all this I still had nothing to do with him and simply told him to go back to his house and never think about me. The next time I realized I was in his house, I had been bedridden by strangers to his house only two days after I had left him. In my heart I had sworn never to go to his house, but here I was been taken care of by this strange son, he tendered for me like a baby, funny enough he was going for prays everyday five times and after recovery, the doctor said that I will talk normally only after a long period of time. Right now am writing this testimony but I can’t talk I can only hear, and I hear how people lie about me, may God forbid. It is this constant prayer from my son and grandchildren that has made me to know what Islam is. I finally took a pen one Friday morning and told him never to leave me at home when he is going for prayers, he took a pen and asked me if I wanted to become a Muslim and I said yes, he asked me if I now believe in one God, angel’s, books of GOD, Jesus as Messenger of God and healing from God, ooh yes I believe and he told me it is Mohamed (saws) has reveled to them that, so do you believe Mohamed is servant and prophet of God, and yes I now believe. I went to Mosque, he carried me in a chair bed and here I became a Muslim. I am happy and free indeed, now I want thank God for all my life.


  • Age should not stop you from becoming a Muslim.
  • There is peace in your heart immediately when you believe.
  • My eyes are now focused on one God and I want all my generation and grandchildren to focus on the same God
  • I have realized money is nothing but life support

Reaction From Non-Muslim Friends and Family Members

They have said I’m mad and strange

Changes I Had to Make in My Life

To believe in One God for everything, first and last

Finding a Mosque or Muslim Community

I plan to construct one at my homestead; I’m old now.

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